Welcome to our Photo Page

Here you'll find a variety of images extracted from a wide range of our exploits and adventures. We've included some gigs, a few friends, notable legends (if only in their own mind) and a slathering of protracted personalities that may have indeed become separate entities from from their aforementioned grey-matter some time ago. While we don't necessarily endorse the use of copious amounts of alcohol or other mind altering substances, we can attest to their power in adding to humorous content and improving overall photographic quality. And that's quality we certainly prefer to the alternative of pre-postal sulking and hypertension that the average work-week so famously brings. So slug back a few and join us on the ethereal plane while browsing our collection of cherished moments. We hope you'll find a choice frame or two of inspiration amongst the mayhem. Any resemblance to individuals living or drunk is completely inebriated. And - no animals were at any time injured during any of our performances.

That's mostly because - to their fortune, we didn't bring any.

Be sure and stop back from time to time as we'll be adding to the collection. Perhaps you'll even be lucky enough to find your own self or a loved one captured in a compromising pose of repose. Our ongoing archive of debauchery is sure to bring brags of infamy to every bit of "lens-bait" brave enough to claim them. We do indeed hope you enjoy.

In our limited experience…

One picture may be worth a thousand words – but the numbers only run that high when most of those words are slurred.

Thank you, Alcohol.

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